Reserva Educativa Las Docas


RELD stands for Reserva Educativa Las Docas —Las Docas Educative Reserve— which is a project oriented to learn, care and conserve the biodiversity of ecosystems existing within Los Chaguales Community, which is a protected wildlife area located in Punta Curaumilla, Valparaiso Region, Chile.

20.000 m2

of protected wild area

200 people


800 meters

from access to the beach


RELD is located within a protected wildlife area, in which we can find species such as: Culpeo fox, yacas, Four Eyed frogs, Arriero toad, Lioleus Tenius, concon, piqueros, bailarines and seagulls, as well as a considerable variety of ferns, nalcas, boldos, litres, quilas and even native orchid families.


Given the great variety of species present in the area, it is imperative to educate children and young generations about the environment caring and preservation in the present and for the future, through activities which inspire an appropriate individual and collective development.

To achieve this goal, our efforts are focused into observe, identify and protect these delicate ecosystems, to transmit knowledge through experiences outside the classroom, promoting activities such as:

Climbing Rock/Wall
“Leave No Trace”
The Project

The infrastructure for the project includes:

  • Camping areas
  • Bathrooms & Showers
  • Kitchen
  • Multipurpose room
  • Collective work area
  • Mini amphitheatre
  • Nursing room
  • Parking

All with access to water and electricity obtained with generators operating with restricted times.

Taking advantage of the specific climate conditions of the region, the project also considers a greenhouse for the study and reproduction of local native species to recover the original flora of the area.

Our Target

RELD is a reserve destined to educate children and teenagers –from both within and outside the Valparaíso Region– belonging to scout groups, public and private schools, and also organized with the assistance of NGOs and other institutions.

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